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Jeremy Courtney
Founder & Executive Director, Iraq

It’s hard to write about what Jeremy can do, because we’re not really sure what he can’t do. Between web & graphic design, photo and videography, writing & recording music, learning languages and much more, he’s quite multi-talented. But it’s his vision and leadership that drive Preemptive Love forward.
For more on Jeremy (bio, schedule, etc.) –>

Cody Fisher
Founder & Development Director, Iraq

Cody is the epitome of a peacemaker, and it shows. You can see it in the books he reads, the things he says (and the way he says them), or just the way things feel calmer when he’s around. For him, a good day is spent waging peace through photography, storytelling, stirring up dialogue, saving kids, and inspiring communities to engage “the other”. For more of Cody’s story –>

Michelle Fisher
Finance Director, Iraq

Michelle double-majored in International Business and Management. Mix that in with her years of experience living overseas, and you’ve got a perfect fit for our Financial Director. Without Michelle to write up financial reports, keep track of donations, and reconcile our accounts (and much more), we couldn’t do what we do! When not crunching numbers, Michelle can be found visiting families, hosting friends, and checking up on children after their surgery.

For finance-related questions, please feel free to email Michelle: michelle[@]

Matt Willingham
Press Secretary, Iraq

Matt started tracking with PLC’s work back in the beginning. After visiting Iraq and seeing PLC’s work first-hand, he felt compelled to come on full-time. His love for the written word coupled with an addiction to social media make him a great addition to our online development team. Matt is also fond of traveling, discussing and reading theology, taking photos and spicy food.

Cayla Willingham
Remedy Mission Coordinator, Iraq

For Cayla, a short conversation with Jessica Courtney over coffee in college was the first of many dominos to fall toward Iraq. Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find Cayla visiting families and coordinating all the logistics for our volunteer teams from around the world. Off the clock Cayla enjoys cooking up great food, haggling at the local bazaar, and dominating at Words With Friends. Yes, dominating.



David Statham

Justin Blount
Corporate Secretary

Preston Fischer

JR Pershall

Cody Fisher

Jim King, Ph.D.
Director, Ex Officio

Jeremy Courtney

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