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Preemptive Love Coalition Home   Lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children in pursuit of peace between communities at odds.

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    + General

  • + What does PLC do?

  • + What is a Remedy Mission?

  • + What is the Remedy Fellowship?

  • + Why heart surgeries?

  • + What’s your evidence that you can accomplish it?

  • + Why does Iraq have such a high rate of birth defects?

    + Financial

  • + How is it possible that you can provide an open heart surgery in Iraq for less than $1,000? Is that the full cost?

  • + Does my donation really make a difference? Especially if there is a large portion funded locally by those inside Iraq?

  • + Are there any costs that are not tracked or reported?

  • + How can I be sure that Preemptive Love Coalition needs more funding, that I am not paying into some huge savings account, or “rainy day fund”?

  • + What prevents more Remedy Missions—the lack of volunteer surgeons or the lack of funding?

  • + How much do you spend each year on “program” expenses and how much is spent on “overhead?”

  • + How can I donate?

    + Medical

  • + What is the major obstacle to establishing fully functioning pediatric heart hospitals across the country?

  • + Many heart surgeries require follow-up treatment (including additional surgeries). Do you have a way of providing this treatment to patients?

  • + How do you assess whether or not surgeries are completed competently?

  • + How do you assess whether or not local surgeons are performing surgeries they would have been unable to perform without your training and funds?

  • + How do you assess whether or not surgeons are charging their patients for the surgeries you fund?

  • + Do you follow up with the surgeons you have trained to assess whether or not they are correctly applying their training?

  • + How do you measure success for both the surgical and the overall missions?

  • + What information is available on the activities and competence of the surgeons who have been trained?

  • + Where do surgeons work after completing training? Do they serve poor patients?

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