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Local Praise for Your Impact through Preemptive Love Coalition's Work in Iraq

Vice President of Iraq
“This team has done a great humanitarian deed! Eleven thousand new children born in Iraq each year with congenital heart disease calls for concerted efforts. Our country urgently needs to establish advanced medical centers. This initiative has my full support.”
H.E. Adel Abdul Mahdi
First Lady of Iraq

“The impact of your work is clearer than so many other groups working here. Thank you for helping our children!”

Mrs. Hêro Ȋbrahîm Ahmed (Talabanî)
In the summers of 2010 & 2011 a researcher from Georgia State University interviewed families served by the Preemptive Love Coalition about their surgery experience on the promise of complete anonymity. No critiques have been withheld. Duplicates of praise have been removed for brevity’s sake.
Haydar and his mom “It would be much better if surgeries were here [inside Iraq] because it is so different when you can see your family and it is much more comfortable. I pray that families will be able to have surgery here. I would still pray for families to go outside of the country, too.”

“I hope this treatment will be good for my baby, God willing this will be good. We hope that these doctors stay for a long time here, to treat more babies and help more people.”

Hassan “We have no money to go out to treat our children. These foreigners are like angels from God to help us. If they didn’t come, we never would find a way to get treatment. [Our child] would stay here, with her problem, if they didn’t come to fix it.”

“We are so grateful, we thank God, we appreciate this treatment. These families, with difficulties, they would not be able to treat their babies, no way.”

Mother and Daughter “I think all of the families, all of the patients go home and tell stories about this team. We have to thank God, and thank the team. I am sure that they talk about it.”

“I especially want to thank them for their work, they are good people. I hope, God willing, that these people would confess in Islam, because they are good people.”

Royka's happy father “The people and I, we are very happy to work with this group of foreigners. To see them put so much effort into helping my child–this is something which God really appreciates.”

“[PLC] understands because all of their work is to help these children. There were no shortcomings. There were other places to try to get surgery but none were better than PLC.”

Noor “It would be easier if the surgery was conducted in the country or if more family could go along. It would be very different in the country, more family would be involved and it would cost much less money.” (mother whose child we sent to Turkey)

“What Mr. Jeremy did was so great, many say that foreigners come with bad intentions and aims, but what PLC is doing is humane—they are helping and serving people.”

Spending time with Mom “[PLC] understands a lot. The directors of PLC know exactly the individual problems we have—they really understand what we are suffering from.”

“It’s really sad to see so many children are victims of this disease. All my life my only grief was my daughter’s problem. When PLC came and helped me, it was the greatest gift.”

Mother daughter moment

“If the surgery was done [in Iraq instead of Turkey] it would be much easier. There would be family around you and they support you and you would just be comfortable. But I think that if the hospital is not proficient or professional enough you should just go have surgery outside the country. If the nurses and doctors here took strict courses to learn how to serve patients just like those outside the country, it would be much better than doing it outside the country.”

Mother and Child “[PLC] understands our problems but the number of aid groups is little compared to the number of patients that there is. There are a lot of children suffering from this disease. Sometimes here it depends on luck. We were lucky that a group came and helped us out. But I see daily lots of people suffering from disease…. I’m not saying the aid group did not help me; they did a great job for me. I just hope there will be more organizations to help.”


“We never expected they would be so good with us. We expected that, since we were going to a different country, we would be foreigners and we would not be able to understand each other. But we were wrong, they were very nice serving us and we had a good time when we went to the surgery. All the work that PLC did for us was so quick. We would just send an email and everything was done.”

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