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Dear friends,

In 7+ years, we have never made an urgent appeal, but we are today.

I’m writing to ask you to stand with us, dig in your heels, and save lives inside Iraq.

The rapid advance of ISIS eliminated our ability to serve children in certain parts of the country. But there’s hope.

Our highest impact program is still saving children from all corners of Iraq.

Today we need your help. The violence across the country has made our work more important than ever as displaced families continue to seek lifesaving surgeries for their children. For many, our doctors are their only option.

We’ve already helped provide 180 surgeries for children in 2014 alone! But there are still 20+ children we have promised to serve in the next two weeks, and we cannot do it without you.

It only takes $250 right now for our Remedy doctors to save an Iraqi child. Your donation is an investment in children with names, families, and dreams—children like Samira, Nihad, and Zaid.

Please donate below to help us save their lives today.

With you,

Jeremy Courtney
Executive Director

P.S.—If Iraq has any hope, it is in those who love their neighbors and their enemies. Your donation of any amount has never been more powerful to save lives and wage peace.




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