A Rebellious #BlackFriday Alternative: Kinsman Soap

For Faris, making soap is an act of defiance. But buying his soap is also an act of rebellion on your part.

Every purchase of Kinsman Soap supports refugee families. It’s a vote to remake your world. 

You have the option to buy cheaper soap with questionable ingredients and support corporations with questionable ethics and labor practices. 

But instead, with every purchase of Kinsman Soap, you can vote for a world where refugees not only survive; they thrive.

Each bar of Kinsman Soap puts money directly into the pockets of our soapmakers. It improves their lives in both tangible and intangible ways—increasing their stability, allowing their children to attend school, enabling them to get medical care when they need it, and helping them rebuild their lives. Because of your support, the men behind Kinsman Soap can confidently meet their family’s needs in what could otherwise be a wildly unstable situation.

Here’s the truth: every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. In the U.S. and Europe in particular, that means we have a lot of votes. Let’s cast them intentionally and wisely.

Invest in a refugee. Purchase Kinsman Soap for $10 per bar. Shop now.

Let’s use every cent to send a message: we stand for human well-being and peace on earth.

As we enter a season where we’ll be casting a lot of monetary votes, will you wage peace with us by voting for refugees? Will you vote for a better life for the oppressed and those driven out of their homes by racially motivated violence?

Be a rebel. Cast your vote to remake your world by purchasing, giving, and sharing the story of Kinsman Soap this holiday season.


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