An Update on Aram–Crying is Good!

Aram, lets out a healthy cry as his mother rocks him.

There are times when it feels good to hear a baby cry. We visited Aram and his family this week, and while he was quiet for most of the visit, he didn’t hesitate to let out a hungry howl. Good news for a baby too sick to cry last week!

Most of the children in the community continue to struggle with illness. Many still have a serious cough, and some like Aram continue taking medication. But it appeared that everyone was out of hospital, and all of the children looked better than during the previous visit.

The recovery process is slow–draughty, damp, crowded living spaces makes wellness a challenge. But all of the babies received traditional cradles this week. That means the babies will be up off the cold floors, and out of the broken plastic vegetable crates that had been serving as beds. That made for happy mamas!

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