Bringing New Life Out of Devastation in Iraq… Literally

Meet the newest member of our soapmaking family in Iraq!

The other day when I visited Faris, one of our refugee soapmaker friends, he was so excited. He and his wife just welcomed their fourth baby the night before. And this little guy is beautiful.

Faris and his relatives—his wife, children, brothers and their families—fled ISIS three years ago. The displacement camps were full, so families like his had to settle for whatever shelter they could find—in Faris’s case, an unfinished hotel.

Eventually, he used what little money he had left to rent a house. But he had no more savings, no way of earning income, and no way of providing for his family of 14.

But Faris is one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. When we suggested starting a soapmaking business—when we taught him how to make soap and provided a small business grant to get him started—he jumped in. Within a week of launching his business, Faris and his brothers earned almost their entire rent. He went from having to depend on outside aid to being the one others turn to for help.

When you buy some of our handmade soap, this is what you make possible. You make it possible for Faris and other refugees like him to build new lives for their families. To bring new life out of the devastation they’ve endured.

I love, love, love that I get to drop in on friends like Faris and see new life just hours old. This is how it feels almost every time! I see constant proof of new life, of rebuilt life, every time we sit down for tea. Best of all, I hear new hope in their voices. They’re thinking about the future, and it doesn’t terrify them anymore.

A couple years ago, a new baby would have been a source of worry for Faris and his wife. How could they care for another child, so far from home? How could they provide?

Yet today, the birth of a new baby is a source of joy and celebration for them—as it should be.

We pray blessing on Faris’s little one. We pray that he will never remember being born a refugee and that he will never know what it feels like to flee for his life. We pray for his world to be remade.

THIS is the joy and hope you bring to fathers and their children in Iraq, with every bar of Kinsman Soap.

Help refugee families build new lives after the devastation of war.