As people of faith who care deeply about the state of healthcare in Iraq, articles like the one below are both fascinating and troubling.

They’re a reminder that many in this country are without hope. You’ve done so much to help us fend off The Backlog, but there are still a lot of Iraqis waiting in line for medical treatment.

Our hope is that stories like this serve as a reminder of why we do what we do, the fact that your donations make a big difference here and how important it is that we keep working!

“More and more people seem to be flocking to religious shrines around Iraq asking for cures or blessings. One local psychologist believes that the absence of trust in health, social welfare and financial systems means that desperate Iraqis now turn to religious icons for loans or medical care, instead of going to a bank or hospital. In a rural area between Babel and Karbala, where a road going to farms branches off the main highway, there is a large sign bearing the name of a religious shrine: Sayida Sharifa Bint Al-Hassan. Every week hundreds of vehicles drive down this road to the shrine, which is surrounded by palm trees. But the drivers of these cars do not go there for the beauty of the shrine, or the scenery.”

Read the rest of this article here. Photo credit: Rawan

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