“Sometimes, I Forget I’m a Refugee.” THIS Is What Empowerment Looks Like.

Faris, an empowered soapmaker and father of three, is patting the top of his recently purchased used truck.

“Man, congratulations!” I say. “To think that just a couple years ago you guys were running from ISIS and had to leave everything…”

Faris beams a smile.

“Sometimes, I forget I’m a refugee.”

Those are six of the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard. Faris and his family fled absolute terror. They endured genocide at the hands of ISIS and barely escaped with their lives.

But that’s what empowerment is. It’s when you see things others can’t and believe they can get better, no matter how bleak.

It’s when you help conflict-surviving moms and dads start a new business in Iraq. This is what you make possible—you give them a chance at rebuilding.

Empowerment comes in so many shapes and sizes, and it takes a lot of time to do well. But when you give, when our staff listen, when refugees have what they need to work hard—that’s a recipe for flourishing.

Faris’ truck will help him continue to grow his soapmaking business, continue to provide for his family, continue to rebuild. You are making this happen when you buy Kinsman Soap.

Today, Faris’s soap business is thriving. He is proud of what he has accomplished, and he’ll tell anyone: “I love this work. It helped me support my family.”

Give the gift of empowerment to men in Iraq. With you by their side, they will defy hate, care for their families, and remake their world.