Imagine a New Future for Refugees This Holiday Season

Imagine if violence didn’t get the last word.

Imagine if families in war-torn places could decide their own future, instead of being forced to rely on handouts.

Imagine if life could flourish inside a refugee camp.

Imagine if peace could take root among at-odds communities.

That’s the dream behind our new 2017 Gift Catalog. Every page is more than just the products on it. Every page shows what is possible when we dare to imagine a better future, together with our refugee friends.

This catalog is more than a collection of products. It’s a collection of hope, reborn from the ashes of war. And I am so, so excited to share it with you today.

If you received last year’s catalog, you’ll recognize some familiar refugee-made goods: soap, candles, and more.

But this year’s catalog has many new items, too. Peace Dolls made by Arab and Israeli women working together. Limited edition baby sweaters that will help our refugee friend Khadija return home to Syria to give birth to her own child. Hand-knit washcloths that will help our friend Gule rise above poverty as she cares for a son and two grandchildren.

When you buy these refugee-made gifts—or when you donate to provide medical care, shelter, or small business grants creating jobs for refugees—you empower displaced families to write a new story for themselves. You partner with them to start putting their lives back together now, instead of having to wait until everything is “normal” again.

You become a part of their story.

Empowering refugees is about more than putting money into their hands. It’s about seeing their full potential, seeing them as more than just victims of war. It’s about stepping across the threshold and sitting with them and sharing endless cups of tea and learning about their lives and dreams—and then unleashing them to achieve everything they’re already capable of.

Here in the Middle East, we see more than just devastation. We see possibility. We can see the more beautiful world in the eyes of our refugee friends. We hope you’ll see it too in the pages of our new Gift Catalog.

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