Keeping Refugees Close to Our Hearts (Free Music Download)

We cannot make it on our own.

Humanity will lead us home.

Love my sister, worried mother.

Christian, Muslim, you’re my brother.

—Kellie Haddock, “Refugee Song”

Refugees deserve more than a day. They deserve our hearts. Our friend Kellie Haddock—you may know her from the Thank You Project or her latest studio album Wild Love—is sharing her newest track, “Refugee Song,” as a way to keep refugees in our hearts all year long. This song hasn’t been released anywhere else yet.

Listen to and download “Refugee Song” below. And check out Kellie’s latest full-length album here. 

Kellie’s heart for refugees comes out of real-life experience—the connection she formed with one of our refugee friends, Sozan, while visiting us in Iraq two years ago. During that visit, Kellie helped save the life of Sozan’s infant child.

We shared more of Kellie’s story last year—read more of that interview here!

Thank you for standing with refugees—not just one day out of the year, but all year long.