Kinsman Soap: Faris, the Refugee Turned Soapmaker (Video)

“It was August 3, 2014. That’s when ISIS came to Sinjar.” 

Faris remembers the day well. In the video below, he shares his story of how he became a refugee—and how, despite losing everything to ISIS, today he is able to provide for his entire family, including his children, mother, and sisters-in-law. 

Faris is a refugee turned soapmaker. Your gift gave him the tools and training he needed to reclaim his life from the ashes of war. 

“This work is so important to us,” he says. “I can provide a living for my children.”

Faris is providing more than a living for his children, though. He’s providing hope for the future. “It’s true, we’re refugees now,” he says. “But we’d like to go home someday. God willing, we’ll find a way home, thanks to you.”

Watch Faris’ story below. To learn more about Kinsman Soap, go here.