Most companies “hire.” At Preemptive Love, we do more than that. We recruit. Not just for a job—for a movement.

We get paid, sure, but our team is galvanized around more than a paycheck. We work long. We work hard. We work overtime. We work weekends. We work nights. We work alongside our families and bring our families along in our work. We work remotely, in the cloud, and we travel the world to show up on the front lines where people need love the most.

And while we have the joy and honor of feeding people as they escape ISIS, providing medical care to those who narrowly survive being bombed, and empowering families back to life through business—the greatest thing we do is push back against the fear that pits us against each other and causes all this violence in the first place.

We push into hard places—even when that journey is primarily an inward journey, even when it’s mostly about us crossing the borders in our own hearts that keep us separated from each other. 

Our work is really about unmaking violence. It’s about the kind of life that comes on the other side of death. And that work… that is a long slog.

It takes more than passion. It takes more than a huge exertion of effort, more than self-discipline. It takes all those things. But the change we long to see is going to take a while.

We don’t buzz about from thing to thing, chasing shiny objects. We’re focused on this thing we call preemptive love—because it’s going to take a lifetime to master.

So we’re recruiting people who have the grit to go the distance—people who want to do hard things, intensely, over a long period of time, in the same direction, when all evidence that our work matters seems to scream in contradiction.

When Syrian children like Omran are pulled from the rubble of bombed out buildings, when boys like Aylan wash up on a beach—we love anyway.

When hundreds of thousands of people are besieged and we cannot find a way to fly aid over head or sneak aid in through some underground tunnel—we love anyway. 

When the lives of the police who protect and serve us aren’t sacred, when black lives aren’t sacred, when gay lives aren’t sacred, when Muslim and Christian and Yazidi lives aren’t sacred, when liberal lives and conservative lives aren’t sacred, when elderly and unborn lives aren’t sacred—and it all seems to be unraveling around us we’d just rather walk away and take a job that numbs us to the pain—we love anyway.

If you’re already on a long walk in the same direction, looking for a community that refuses to frame the scary things of this world as enemies to be fought or feared, but rather as people to be loved—and if you think you’ve got the character and skills to join our community—we’d love to hear from you.

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