4 Refugee-Made Goods That Give Jobs and Hope

Abeer, a refugee, knows what love is. Love is what drove her to save her children from a burning room. Love is what propelled her forward when she and her children lost absolutely everything. And love is what carries her now, as a mother and an artisan selling hand-made candles, providing for her family and creating a new life for her children.

Our refugee-made goods are beautiful and well-made, while empowering women and men in war-torn areas to provide for their families. It’s a gift that honors the loved ones in your life and multiplies your love around the world.

Refugee-Made Gifts

1. Candles

Hand-poured by refugee women, candle vessels can be reused after the candle is finished. Photos by Erin Wilson, Charlene Winfried, and Chase Moore/Preemptive Love.

Our refugee-made candles are individually poured into beautiful cups of hand-hammered copper or hand-painted ceramic. When your candle finishes burning, you can use the vessel as a decorative dish in your home.

2. Soap

Soapmaker women and their families with Preemptive Love co-founder Jessica Courtney. Photo by Charlene Winfred/Preemptive Love.
Sisterhood and Kinsman Soap are all-natural, using locally-sourced ingredients in Iraq. Each bar of refugee-made soap is handmade by women and men who have fled war and are now remaking home for their families. Available in a variety of scents, including

All-natural soap, hand-milled by women and men who have fled war. Photos by Erin Wilson and Chase Moore/Preemptive Love.

3. Knits

Our makers have both the joy of an income to support their families and the strength of sisterhood and community. Photos by Erin Wilson, Charlene Winfred, and Chase Moore/Preemptive Love.

Our refugee-made knits are a beautiful complement to your home. Handknit (or sewn) by refugee women, these are a beautiful and functional gift. And each washcloth and towel is made within a circle of women pursuing sisterhood and income together, helping their families and their whole communities to rise.

4. Stuffed Animals

Women in Syria have fled violence and war… and find purpose and hope in their knitting craft. Photos by Erin Wilson/Preemptive Love.

Handknit by Syrian women who have fled war, these adorable stuffed animals spread love and joy and invite the youngest among us to be peacemakers, too. Also our Peace Dolls, made by Israeli and Palestinian women working side by side, prove that conflict, however long or complex, does not have to get the last word.

Our refugee-made goods make beautiful gifts for loved ones in your life. But more than that, they empower people like Abeer, who have fled violence and endured devastating loss. Who are brave and capable and strong. Who want to create a new life for their children and their family, who want to spread love and hope in each candle, each bar of soap, each washcloth, and each stuffed animal.

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