Sisterhood Soap: Empowerment is a Two-Way Street

Sisterhood Soap doesn’t just create jobs for our refugee friends. It lays the foundation for a whole new life.

It doesn’t just provide just income. It offers peace of mind and a sense of security.

It’s not just starting over. It’s building back better. So families can cope with everything life throws at them.

Without the stability of Sisterhood Soap, a single setback could be disastrous for our refugee friends in Iraq.

Treating a small injury or minor illness could plunge a family into insurmountable debt or, if left untreated, could turn into tragedy. Sisterhood Soap means families have enough money for health care.

A sandstorm, fire, or earthquake like the one we experienced Sunday could sentence a family to years of extreme poverty if they don’t have enough savings or income to rebuild. Sisterhood Soap builds families’ resilience so they can cope with life’s many challenges, instead of being derailed by them. 

Being unable to provide for your family can cause crippling depression and anxiety. Families start to feel powerless—like there’s no way out. Sisterhood Soap helps them regain control of their life, provide for their family again, and rediscover their sense of self-worth. 

This is what we mean when we talk about “empowerment.” We’re not giving someone power. We’re providing a framework that helps these families recognize and restore their own power, stolen from them by terror, conflict, trauma, displacement, and poverty.

When you share Sisterhood Soap, that is what you provide for displaced families in Iraq. And the beautiful thing is, by becoming a part of that process, you get to recognize and claim your own power—the power to unmake violence and remake the world.

Sisterhood Soap is more than a business. It’s empowerment. And empowerment is a two-way street.

Empower refugees to rebuild their lives,

and be empowered to remake the world.

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