The Dream Is Reality: 3 Quick Updates About Sisterhood Soap

Just… wow. 

Your response to Sisterhood Soap has been amazing. A year ago, it was just a dream. We knew it wasn’t enough to simply help refugees survive—they deserve better, and you want to give them something better.

Refugees deserve the chance to thrive, to rebuild, to prosper.

That’s why you empowered women like Gozê and Sozan to start a soapmaking business, selling thousands of bars inside Iraq. For months, we’ve dreamed of sharing their soap with you as well. 

Now, as our friend Lynne Hybels said, the dream is reality.

You have embraced these refugees as your sisters. You have purchased thousands of bars of soap. Many of you have made a long-term investment to empower even more soapmakers—to help more women reclaim their lives from ISIS.

Thank you.

Our hearts are full with gratitude for your generosity—for your commitment to provide something more than aid. You are part of a global sisterhood that is remaking the world.

For those of you who have purchased soap, or who have become monthly sponsors, or who are still thinking about it, here are three things you should know:

1. The Sisterhood Is Strong.

Word about Sisterhood Soap—and the extraordinary refugees who make each bar—is continuing to spread because of you. 

There’s no shortage of negative stories reported from the Middle East—stories of violence and upheaval. Over the past few days, you’ve introduced people to another story. You’ve shared a story of hope, resilience, and empowerment.

2. The First Batch of Soap Is Here!

On Friday, the first shipment of Sisterhood Soap arrived in the States, ready to be packaged and shipped to you!

When the delivery agent arrived with several large boxes from Iraq, curiosity got the better of him, and he asked what was inside. After we told him, he was so moved that he placed his hands on the boxes and prayed for the refugees who made the soap. Then he walked away, saying, “Wow. I didn’t know I would deliver a package of peace today.”

For those of you who have purchased Sisterhood Soap, your very own “package of peace” will arrive soon!

3. More Soap Is On Its Way, Too!

The other day, we got to visit our refugee friends the other day to tell them how warmly their soap is being received. They were amazed. They couldn’t believe so many people in America want to hold their work in their hands and share part of their story.

They’re also astute entrepreneurs, so they quickly asked how many more bars we would like to order. Our answer: “As many as you can make!”

We’re thrilled to continue sharing Sisterhood Soap with you. Another batch of soap is on its way right now!

Thank you for standing with your sisters in Iraq. Their independence is the fruit of your investment!