These Makers Are Ever Rising, Ever Moving Forward

You’ve met some of our makers before, here on the blog and in our journal. They are mothers and fathers, providers and protectors. They are refugees fleeing war and families working to remake home. They are our partners, our friends.

When we first meet with each maker, we start by listening. We listen to their stories. We listen to what skills they have, what interests. We listen to their needs. An informal business plan is created, together, strategizing what work they will do, how much they will charge, how they will cover their costs.

It’s exciting and daunting. It takes courage to start a new business, to take a risk. Our makers are bold in the dreams they have.

They have lost much to the devastation of war, but they are ever rising, moving forward with purpose, with hope.

Salamat, who stitches beautiful hand towels so her children can go to school, can be nourished with food.

Sozan, who taught herself to knit so that she and her husband might find themselves free from crushing debt.

Abeer, who pours candles and dreams of a remade future.

Eman, who works hard so that one day she might have her own home.

There is Khadeeja, who is finding peace in the steady rhythm of the crochet hook.

And Faris, his lightbulb smile, his love for his family.

You are standing alongside them. With each bar of soap you purchase, each candle, each washcloth and towel and sweater, our makers take another step closer to the future—to the home—they are remaking for themselves.

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