Communications Officer (Iraq)

Preemptive Love Coalition is a global peacemaking movement working to heal hearts across enemy lines. We do this primarily by working in polarizing conflict-zones. In Iraq, our portfolio of services is more robust, including emergency aid and relief to families persecuted by terrorism and violence and micro-economic development programs that empower women to provide for their own families.

This Iraq-based Communication Officer has three primary objectives that support the overall mission of Preemptive Love Coalition. Those objectives are education, brand growth, and fundraising. Everything should be written to improve the Preemptive Love brand by being both useful to our audience and relevant to our mission. Each word we share publicly is a contribution to our online experience, which we typically call our brand. By writing, we are trusting you to be professional and take your work seriously. We want to be known for our generosity, insightfulness, friendliness, fairness, humility and of course, for great content. Each campaign, story series, or individual piece should be written with donors in mind (notice it isn’t “with donations in mind”).

Hours: Full-time
Location: Iraq (Note: candidates who make it to the final stages of our interview process will be asked to travel to meet our Iraq-based team and be observed in the field.)
Manager: Communications Director

Job Duties

  • Write posts for PLC’s blog and content for our other social media sites, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Take photos that uphold our photo standards, both compositionally and ethically.
  • Travel on behalf of the organization to gather stories and support programing teams and partners. Story gathering and story development are crucial to the efforts of our Comms Team, and being onsite with our bodies to listen and love and document stories is essential.
  • Provide field insights. As a team, we rely on each other to understand what is happening locally, on the ground. When an attack happens in Iraq or Syria, we look to our staff there to provide historical, cultural, social, and other kinds of insights so we can provide insights to our community as they seek to understand.
  • Provide programming insights, to make sure team members in other parts of the world have what they need in reporting programming work to donors and proving impact.
  • Assist in creating weekly podcast episodes.
  • Assist in media organization.
  • Research and cross-post valuable and interesting content, that is relevant to our brand and our community.
  • Work with freelancers and volunteers to help us maintain a steady stream of content.
  • Leverage statistics and numeric trends by making them accessible to our donors and followers.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills with the ability to represent PLC to multiple constituents, from diverse backgrounds, in multiple contexts.
  • Experience sharing written stories and the ability to share samples (online outward-facing stories in a blog or social media channel prefered).
  • Familiarity with Storybrand.
  • A working understanding of photography, consent, and honoring people through media.
  • Photo editing skills.  
  • Flexible writing style. A keen understanding of writing and willingness to flex and grow depending on the medium (blog, newsletter, email, social media, etc).
  • Extensive cross-cultural travel experience required, preferably in the MENA region.
  • Proven track record working with little oversight, is self-motivated and maintains a positive attitude.
  • Strong work-ethic, with the ability to work and be managed remotely.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML.  

Preferred Qualifications

  • Video-editing experience.
  • Previous podcasting experience.
  • Experience living cross-culturally, preferably in the MENA region.

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