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The Frontline is a monthly giving community that gives more than money.

We GIVE what we can every month to help those affected by conflict and disaster. Then we GATHER to learn from each other in a safe environment, so we can unmake violence together. Finally, we GO together into our communities and pursue peace, because the frontlines are where we live.

How it works

Give Together.

When you give each month, you provide food, water, and medical care for families in conflict. You provide jobs, income, and hope so they can do more than survive. Your monthly giving allows us to be first in, last to leave.

Gather Together.

When you join The Frontline, you can be part of a local chapter unmaking violence in your community and encouraging one another forward, because building The More Beautiful World is easier with friends by our side.

Go Together.

When we do hard things together, we can step across dividing lines in our neighborhoods. Frontline local chapters and our exclusive Facebook group provide community, coaching, and tools to help you wage peace where you are.

4,939 members. 41 countries.

The frontlines are where we live.

Average donation is $43 per month.

Give whatever amount you can to join The Frontline today

and show your love is big enough to unmake violence and build The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

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