Help fast on the frontlines of conflict, and provide help that lasts.

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Your monthly gift allows us to say yes right away when crisis hits.

But you’ll do more than mend the wounds of the last war. You’ll help stop the next war from happening. You’ll provide emergency relief to stop the spread of war. You’ll create jobs to reduce the risk for vulnerable families. And you’ll help build community across enemy lines, to change the ideas that lead to war.

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Your monthly give will provide food and water, shelter, and medicine for those caught on the frontlines of war. We don’t want for those in need to come to us—we go to them.


You’ll help refugees launch businesses and create tech jobs for a generation of young people, stabilizing whole communities and reducing the risk of recruitment into war.


You’ll provide content, coaching, and cooperation as we form the most diverse community of peacemakers on the planet—and work to stop war before it starts.

4,939 members. 41 countries.

Remaking the world together.

Average donation is $43 per month.

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Your love is big enough to heal all that’s tearing us apart. Provide relief, jobs, and community for those on the frontlines of war.

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