Jessica Courtney

President, Sisterhood Collective
Founder, Preemptive Love Coalition

Jessica Courtney founded Preemptive Love Coalition with her husband, Jeremy Courtney, in 2007.

Jessica’s passion for fairness and justice has always compelled her toward the broken, forgotten people of the world. After Jeremy returned home from a scouting trip to Iraq in the middle of the war, with the advice that they not move here because it was just too hard and too dangerous, it was Jessica who insisted the move would be worth it, come what may.

It was Jessica’s ride in an old, worn out taxi that first connected the Courtneys with some of the most vulnerable, hurting children in the country, when her taxi driver took a detour to his house and invited Jessica inside to meet his little daughter, Seema, writhing on the dirt floor with cerebral palsy.

In the earliest days, as Preemptive Love focused on serving children with birth defects, helping them get the therapy and surgeries they needed, Jessica was with their families every step of the way, serving as their translator, advocate, and guide.

Jessica has long believed we should do more for those whose lives are disrupted by war—not merely helping them endure the present, but empowering them to reclaim their future. As the refugee crisis exploded in Syria and Iraq, Jessica began forming relationships with displaced women, teaching them to make handcrafted soap—the way it’s been made for thousands of years in this part of the world—and selling it to provide a sustainable income for their families.

In 2016, Jessica spearheaded the launch of Preemptive Love’s Sisterhood Collective, bringing refugee-made soap and candles and other handcrafted products to North America—and putting thousands of dollars into the hands of Iraq and Syrian women who lost everything to war. Today, Jessica leads our refugee empowerment program, benefiting displaced women and men from all backgrounds in Iraq and Syria.

Jessica and Jeremy have two children, Emma and Micah.

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