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We provide food, shelter, and medicine to stop the spread of war.

I want to give to relief for families in conflict.


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Help fast.

Food to help families survive. Shelter to remake home. Medicine to mend the wounds of war.

We serve on the frontlines.

War-torn families shouldn’t have to brave bullets and bombs to reach the help they need. Their only option for safety shouldn’t be the confines of a refugee camp.

We provide aid as close to the frontlines as possible, where the need is greatest. We give families what they need to hold on and hold out—so they can stay at home instead of having to flee.

We think long-term, while meeting urgent needs.

There’s no reason emergency aid can’t have lasting impact—if it’s done well. We partner with displaced families, making them part of the solution. We employ local teams to deliver aid. We hire local doctors to staff clinics.

We source aid as locally as possible.

We don’t import food, clothing, or other forms of aid from overseas. Countries like Syria and Iraq have everything they need to mend the wounds of war. Sourcing aid locally is safer, more cost effective, and benefits more people by boosting the local economy.

Relief at a glance
Jan – Dec 2019

151,115 medical consultations in Syria and Iraq

375,042 hot meals served in Syria

4,950 people fed by 825 month-long food packs

2,200 asylum seekers served on the US-Mexico border

50 bombed out homes repaired in Aleppo, Syria

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