The More Beautiful World:

A Reflective Journey in Four Movements

Our world is full of conflict, chaos, and polarization. As we step into a new year, we can find healing and redirection. We can pause. Breathe. Lament. We can celebrate all the ways that good broke into our world, despite all that seemed wrong. And we can resolve to walk into this year differently.

The More Beautiful World is a series of 5-minute guided audio reflections to help reflect on the year that was—and the year that can be.

There’s no “right” way to use these reflections. You can listen once a week for the next few weeks, or one each day. You can listen to them over and over, reflecting on something fresh each time. You can use them alone or with loved ones. You can listen as you run errands or with a pen and notebook in hand. If you pray, you can use them to guide your prayers.

May we launch with purpose together into the year ahead.

Movement 1: Gratitude

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Where did you see glimpses of the more beautiful world in 2017?

We saw it in Aleppo, as families began to rebuild to return home after years of war and neighborhoods came back to life. Read more…

We heard it in the cries of newborn babies, born to women in the very same communities where ISIS once brought death. Read more…

We saw it in our refugee friends Gozê and Marwa, who are building new lives for their families in new homes, and whose children are able to invest in their own future. Read more…

Movement 2: Lament

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In what ways did the vision of a more beautiful world crumble before your eyes in 2017?

We saw it crumble in Syria, neighborhoods were bombarded as children became victims of a yet another reported chemical attack. Read more…

We saw it crumble in Mosul, where more than a year after ISIS was pushed back, the scars of war are still everywhere and whole neighborhoods are still in ruins. Read more…

We saw it crumble in the United States, as hearts became even more polarized and women wondered if their stories would ever be heard or listened to. Read more…

Movement 3: Hope

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In what ways can you see the more beautiful world breaking through the chaos? In what ways can this world become a space where everyone can thrive?

We can see it in Mosul, as new shops open amid the rubble of the Old City, giving families a way to hold on and hold out. Read more…

We can see it in the Aleppo countryside, as displaced families returned to their homes and became farmers again, bringing new life from the ground. Read more…

We can see it in tech campuses across Iraq, where young refugees—half of them women—are claiming a new identity as freelance entrepreneurs and finding a new source of income. Read more…

We can see it in you, as you live the more beautiful world into existence in your own community, on your own frontlines, right where you live.

Movement 4: Offering

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In what ways can co-participate in creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? What in this world most deeply moves your heart? What are one or two concrete steps you can take to join others in building the more beautiful world?

Imagine the more beautiful world with us. Learn more…