The More Beautiful World:

A Reflective Journey in Four Movements

2017 has been full of conflict. If your heart is weary, let’s find healing and direction together. Let’s pause. Breathe. Lament. Let’s look for all the ways that good broke into our world. And let’s resolve to walk into 2018 differently.

The More Beautiful World is a series of weekly audio reflections to help us do just that. Each week in December, we’ll share another 5-minute guided audio journey as we reflect on the year that was—and the year that can be.

There’s no “right” way to use these reflections. You can listen every day of the week, reflecting on something fresh each time. You can use them alone or with loved ones. You can listen as you run errands or with a pen and notebook in hand. If you pray, you can use them to guide your prayers.

Let’s end 2017 well, so we can launch with purpose into the new year ahead.

Movement 4: Offering

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In what ways can co-participate in creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? What in this world most deeply moves your heart? What are one or two concrete steps you can take to join others in building the more beautiful world?

Imagine the more beautiful world with us. Learn more…

Movement 3: Hope

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In what ways can you see the more beautiful world breaking through the chaos? In what ways can this world become a space where everyone can thrive?

We can see it in Mosul, as life returns to a city that was held captive for three long years—as families return, as water flows through the pipes of a battered city once more, as businesses spring to life, as we give families what they need to step forward into the future. Read more…

We can see it in Aleppo, one year after families poured out of the city—as we repair bombed-out homes, as we turn the lights back on, as we unmake violence. Read more…

We can see it in Houston, where volunteers from all over the country are coming together to help families displaced by Hurricane Harvey return home in time for Christmas. Read more…

We can see it in you, as you live the more beautiful world into existence in your own community, on your own frontlines, right where you live.

Movement 2: Lament

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In what ways did the vision of a more beautiful world crumble before your eyes in 2017?

We saw it crumble in Syria, as children became targets of a terrifying chemical attack. Read more…

We saw it crumble in Mosul, as whole neighborhoods were destroyed in the fight against ISIS and as families were forced to eat cardboard to survive. Read more…

We saw it crumble after Charlottesville, as hearts turned against each other and as we failed to listen well to friends and neighbors of color. Read more…

Movement 1: Gratitude

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Where did you see glimpses of the more beautiful world in 2017? 

We saw it in Mosul, as families began to rebuild after ISIS, as life began rising from the ashes of war. Read more…

We saw it in the eyes of our soapmaker friend Faris, who celebrated the birth of his fourth child. Read more…

We saw it in our refugee friends Gozê and Marwan, who said goodbye to the shipping container where they’ve lived for three years and moved into a rented house—one more step on the road to wholeness. Read more…

Movement 4: Hope

Coming December 23.