Whether it be a play or an art exhibit, a concert or poetry reading, so many of us love partaking in the arts as a form of entertainment. Did you know that we can use the arts and culture to spread peace in our communities? 

At Preemptive Love and Search for Common Ground, we’ve seen how cultural exchange and dialogue nurture peace by healing divides in our interconnected world. Recognizing the significance of diversity, we know that equitable and sustainable resolutions have a better chance of succeeding when we include a variety of viewpoints.

Come alongside us as we explore, expose, and foster curiosity about different cultures through various art forms. We will cultivate a deeper appetite for peacebuilding through meaningful connections.

Join us on Friday, July 14, 2023 at 12pm EST for a free one-hour virtual event, where you will meet Terry Olson, founder of  Fusion Fest, a nonprofit whose mission it is to “show the world that people of different cultures and lifestyles can live together on a basis of love and respect.” In this workshop you will learn:

  • How Fusion Fest fulfills its mission of celebrating diversity;
  • How you can become a better peacebuilder using your own creative passions;
  • How you can show up with respect and dignity as you connect with other peacebuilders and join the largest, most diverse network of peacebuilders on the planet.