Core Values

Love anyway.

Yes, we all have our own politics. Yes, we have our own religion. Love anyway. Step out across enemy lines and embrace conflict rather than run. Your love has the ability to transcend guilt, shame, and indifference. Wrap your arms around those you fear, and invite others to do the same.

Show up.

Presence matters. Whether it’s in the middle of a conversation, conflict zone, or operating room, love shows up. Healing happens when we choose to bring our whole self into the conflict including our own fears, doubts, and biases (yes, we all have them). Ask questions, risk failure, be heard.

Get out of the way.

Peace, healing, and sustainable change only happen when we empower others to own their future. It means taking a step back after we show up, so that others can stand on their own. Look past yourself. Step back and consider the bigger picture, and pass on the baton.