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Financial Questions

The donation categories used on our website and/or in accompanying print materials are representative of some of the many needs Preemptive Love must meet as we heal hearts across enemy lines.

Accordingly, while we make every effort to digitally tag and track your donation and implement your donation on behalf of those you intended to serve, Preemptive Love leadership, with the full oversight of our Board of Directors and outside, independent third party auditors, reserve the right to use your donation “where needed most”, as programmatic timing and capacities change according to unpredictable outside forces in the conflict-zones and fragile states where we live and work.

Absolutely! Whether you help provide lifesaving heart surgeries or launch new businesses for ISIS-survivors, we use your money to serve those in some of the world’s most polarizing conflict zones.

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It depends on the work in question, but our greatest need is almost always funding. Your donations allow us to serve families who would normally be beyond reach, to invest where others won’t, and to keep our lifesaving work going strong.

No. We are careful to track and report how each dollar is spent. If you’d like to see more on where your money goes and how we track it, you can view all of our finances.

Yes, you can safely give via PayPal on our donate page. You can also donate offline by mailing a check to:

Preemptive Love
1300 Darbyton Drive
Hewitt, TX 76643

Yes, all donations are 100% tax-deductible for donors in the US. You will receive a contribution statement in the mail each January. Your online receipt will count as a contribution statement as well. If you have questions about your receipting or other tax-related issues, feel free to contact us here.

Wherever you are in the world, you can donate securely on our website by clicking here. Please note that in some countries, it isn’t possible to receive a tax refund due to our registration with the United States government.

Questions About Our Work

We start by asking displaced families one simple question: what do you need? If they recently fled and have absolutely nothing, we start with the basics: food, shelter, hygiene kits, and access to clean water. If their child has a life-threatening heart problem, we help get them the operation they need.

When the essentials are covered, we can explore work opportunities and getting their children into a local school. It’s often as simple as asking the parents, “What kind of work would you like to do?” or “What did you do before you were displaced?” We have helped parents start home bakeries, corner stores, sewing shops, cell phone accessory shops, fruit stands, candle making businesses, and much more.

Our guiding principle is to show up where others won’t, to love the people others won’t. That means leaving the safe zones to help in frontline places like Fallujah, Mosul, and Aleppo. Most of the relief that organizations provide for families in Syria and Iraq goes to the same places, but there are huge numbers of people stranded outside these safe zones. They need us to show up for them.

If we see they need help and no other groups are willing to go, the decision is already made—we go.

Empowerment begins with building trust—sitting down with a family, listening to their story, and getting to know their needs. It takes more than just a few sacks of flour or a few visits to help displaced families get back on their feet. We have to show them we’re with them for the long term.

Most importantly, we empower refugees to decide for their own family. There is no “one size fits all model.” We identify skills they already have and help them to define their dreams and goals. Then we provide empowerment grants, tools, and coaching to help them stand on their own and reclaim their lives.

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When a family says they don’t need us anymore, we consider that a success. Some families start their business to survive until they can return home. Other families will stay where they are long-term. Whatever their goal, we know we’ve done our job when people are self-sufficient. In some cases, empowerment grant recipients have even used their thriving new business to benefit other victims of violence!

Personal Involvement Questions

The simple act of telling someone is powerful, and there are plenty of ways to spread the word and get your community involved. You can mobilize your mosque or church, your book club or sports team, or use your business to raise money. Email us and let’s explore it together!

We are not able to host volunteers in Syria and Iraq. If you live in the U.S. and would like to volunteer for us where you live, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here to explore some of this more via email.

When it comes to relief aid, our 10 years of experience have proven the value of “local first.” Whenever possible, we source aid locally because it is more cost-effective and it benefits local economies. That’s why we don’t accept donations of supplies. To learn more about why we buy aid locally, read more.

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