Young girl, displaced outside Fallujah, Iraq

When you give, war doesn’t stand a chance.

Your monthly gift provides relief, jobs, and community—helping families rebuild from the ashes of war.

Your love around the world in 2021

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and United States


52,386 patient visits
59,108 people served with food
2,580 people provided with shelter aid
39 children received psychosocial trauma care
1,243 people supported with hygiene supplies
60 baby wraps for infants
300 blankets provided for winterization project


369 people supported by agriculture projects
166 makers earned income for their products
569 new businesses started
894 tech workers trained


34 Gatherings in 32 locations
100 Gathering sessions hosted
5 Generation Peace college chapters
200 individuals mobilized through Gen Peace events
2,693 attendees across workshops, events, and webinars

2021 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report

Boys living in the shadows of war in Rutbah, Iraq

Help fast. Help that lasts. Heal the past.

Mend the wounds of war—and stop the next one from happening.