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Courageous farmers need your help to return to their land, reclaim their identities, and provide for their families again.

Nearly all the farms in Syria are destroyed because of drought and war. The threat of violence, of ISIS, still looms over families. You can show up in dangerous regions where few organizations work, and be the first in to support an agriculture program in Deir-ez-zor. 

Feed families for years to come.

$10/month gives seeds, tools, and sustainable farming methods that will feed families for years to come.

Give food and income.

$24/month provides pregnant sheep that will quickly grow into a small flock: food and income for families.

Restart careers.

$267/month restarts a career for an entire family for a year. Provide tractors and fuel to build small communities who farm together.

When farmers return home, economies grow. Vulnerable families become stronger. A country brought to its knees by war can stand again, can rise.

Give today.

I want to give to Support Syrian Farmers.


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