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Running for Peace

Anchorage Mayor’s Half Marathon

On June 23rd I’ll be running my first ever half marathon – and Lord knows I wouldn’t do this without good reason. This race will be used to raise funds for Preemptive Love Coalition, an organization that brings emergency relief to the front lines of war torn countries like Syria and Iraq. They work in the midst of conflict and provide lifesaving food, water, medical care as close to the front lines as possible, so that people don’t have to brave bombs or bullets in order to care for their families.

While 13.1 miles seems impossible, I know that it’s nothing compared to the hardships faced every single day by the people that Preemptive Love Coalition serves. Every step I run will be to honor those that have passed through such tragedies and an effort to give them hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. Please join me in providing relief to families in war zones.

Donation Suggestions: 

I will be running 13.1 miles for the half marathon and 85-95 miles total in training over the next few weeks. So here is a breakdown on how you can help me reach my goal! Feel free to donate what you can though, every donation counts!


300 = $3/mile
100= $1/mile


30 = $2/mile
60 = $4/mile
80 = $6/mile
130 = $10/mile

$631 of $500 goal