3 Ways We’ll Fight Back in 2016

Every act of generosity remakes the world. Every time you look in the face of fear and choose to love anyway, hearts are mended. Communities are rebuilt. Lives restored. We’ve seen it time and again in Baghdad. Fallujah. Sinjar. RamadiHaditha.

But violence continues to threaten our children and our future. ISIS continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives, across Iraq and beyond.

2016 is the year we fight back. Not with violence. Not by taking up arms. But with even bigger, bolder acts of preemptive love.

Here’s what’s in store over the months ahead…

1. We’re bringing heart surgeries to more countries.

You’ve helped provide over 1,000 heart surgeries in Iraq, along with thousands of hours of training for local medical staff. In 2015, you went with us into Libya. While ISIS was taking lives on one beach, you were there on another beach, saving lives.

This year, we’ll provide lifesaving care for children in even more countries, including Nigeria, Sudan, and Iran.

2. We’re empowering more families.

Falling oil prices have brought pain and hardship to millions in Iraq. Many workers have gone months without pay. Many others had to abandon their livelihoods, along with everything else, when their homes were engulfed in conflict.

We’re helping displaced families get back on their feet. In 2016, we’ll provide more empowerment grants, so bread-makers, soap-makers, tailors, and others can start new businesses and provide for their families. We’ll continue to put displaced children back in school, where they’ll join more than 20,000 classmates who returned last year, thanks to you.

3. We’re preparing for the liberation of Mosul.

The Iraqi prime minister has vowed that 2016 will be the year Mosul is freed from ISIS control. Iraq’s second-largest city is densely populated. Whenever the battle comes, it will almost certainly trigger a fresh wave of displacement—as families seek shelter and safety. We’ll be there—providing aid for those who flee.

There is so much good to be done in 2016, and the only way it will happen is if you continue this journey with us.

Our vision for 2016? We’re going to say “yes” to more. We’ll go to more places where no one else will go. We’ll stay until the work is done.

We need you to go with us—by becoming a monthly sponsor.

It’s the regular, ongoing support of peacemakers like you that makes this kind of investment possible. This is how you remake your world—not once or twice, but every month. One community at a time. One changed life at a time.

Violence doesn’t have to have the last word in 2016. You can write a different story. Become a sponsor today.

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