4 Ways You’re Defying Sectarianism in Iraq

You’re all over the place!

Do you realize how many people you’ve helped serve this week—how many different kinds of people you’ve loved

1. Nutrition for the camp that everyone else forgot

Last week in Northern Iraq, you provided egg-laying chickens for hundreds of people in a camp hardly anyone knows about. These families have had to fend for themselves, off the beaten path and off the standard UN “people-to-help” lists. They are Yazidis, Christians, and Muslims living together.

2. Medical care for peace-loving Yazidis

You’re also helping fund a clinic that serves tens of thousands of Yazidi people. The clinic is run by an Iraqi Christian doctor who said, “The Yazidis are such a peaceful people. My wife and I love working with them. In other hospitals, you have the occasional complainer or trouble-maker. We have none here; they are just helpful and kind.”

3. Clearing the way for Bashir to rebuild

Further south, you were the first on the scene in the recently -liberated, destroyed town of Bashir. The people of Bashir are Turkmen, a unique ethnic group in Iraq related to the Turks in Turkey. They are also Shia, a heavily persecuted group of Muslims whom ISIS regards as heretics.

Before ISIS fled, they left traps and bombs all over the city. We’re making plans with partner organizations to get the town cleared of explosives so families can return and rebuild their lives.

4. Aid for Fallujah’s starving children

Further south of Bashir, you’re in Ramadi and Fallujah, providing front-line support just a few kilometers from the war with ISIS. When we shared Fallujah’s need and asked, “What should we do—will you support this?” you jumped in to donate, pray, and send words of encouragement to families fleeing the conflict.

The people of Fallujah are Arab Sunnis, and their humanitarian need is staggering. Families reported being starved out by ISIS, eating rotten dates or grass. Often they were only given real food if they promised to fight for the militants.

Thanks to you, our teams are delivering truckload after truckload of food and water to families in and around Fallujah.

Shia and Sunni Muslims, Yazidis, Christians—thank you for loving any and all, wherever you find them!