5 Ways You Can Stay Up on Our Work in Iraq!

Marketoonist cartoon. See more: http://tomfishburne.com/


 Is it just me, or is this social media train about to fly off the tracks?

Post a pic to Google+, cruise through your minifeed on Facebook, retweet someone on Twitter, update your LinkedIn profile, then repin on Pinterest ’til you fall asleep at the keyboard. I think—at least in this case—sanity demands simplicity. So we’ve honed in on 5 key ways you can get updates from us—follow them all or take your pick!

1) The Blog—you already made it here, congrats! This is our content hub; long-form stories, photos, videos, surgery stories, and guest interviews all end up here. We post every Tuesday and Thursday, and during Remedy Missions we post on weekends as well.

2) Facebook—we want to hear from you, and Facebook is a great place for that. You can answer our weekly questions (and pose your own), you can see freshly-edited photos, and you’ll get regular updates about the kids you’re helping right now. If you haven’t yet, come over and give us a like!

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3) The Newsletter—we send out email updates every other Tuesday, and they’re the best way to get our news first. We announce giveaways, big news, and surgical mission highlights here before anywhere else. Sign up now by clicking here, scrolling to the very bottom right of the page, and entering your email address.

4) Twitter—my personal favorite, Twitter is as real-time as it gets. Connect with us here to read tweets about kids getting new hearts in the now, and we’d love to read your feed as well! 

5) Instagram—and finally, when you’d rather see faces than words, click here to explore our photo stories of preemptive love on the ground.


I hope this helps. The purpose of this post is to make our communication pipelines work for you, otherwise why are we doing all this writing and picture-taking? So let me hear from you. Any recommendations for how we could improve our writing strategy? Are there any Social Media sites you like that we’re not using? Send me an email and let’s chat about it. Anything to get me off Twitter…

The above cartoon is by Tom Fishburne. See more of his brilliant work here.