Esam Finally Gets His Surgery!

Esam hangs out before getting a test on his heart.

When we met Esam last week, he would have been the perfect candidate for heart surgery, if only he didn’t have a chest infection. 

It’s terrible to imagine a baby missing his chance at life because of an infection, but it made surgery impossible, so he was sent home with medicine and lots of hope that his lungs would clear up quickly.

Esam gets some attention from a doctor before getting a test to see if he is eligible for heart surgery (he was!)

But there’s good news—his lungs healed and he came back!

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Esam is tucked up into a blanket, hanging outside the operating room just prior to surgery.

This is Esam yesterday, tucked up in a blanket and being held by his dad. They were waiting outside the operating room until everything was in place for his surgery.

Esam sleeps after his lifesaving heart surgery.

 And this morning?

Esam gets to have a bit of milk the day after his heart surgery. He was so hungry!

Oh, this morning Esam is drinking milk like a champ, which is a great thing, because he is very hungry and a little bit grumpy. He came through the surgery well and is recovering with his relieved mom and dad at his bedside. 

A lot of details have to come together to make a heart surgery happen. For Esam, the details came together at the perfect time!