Featured Partners: Ricky & Julie Kim

Take a minute to meet Ricky and Julie Kim.

Ricky works as a software engineer out of Dallas, Texas and is a regular supporter of sick kids in Iraq. Originally from South Korea, Ricky moved to the United States 5 years ago after accepting a great job offer.

But things weren’t always so nice for Ricky. Growing up in the wake of the Korean War, he saw the challenges his country faced and was inspired by the foreign aide his family received, so now he wants to extend that same kindness to others:

“Just as our country could overcome their desperate situation with help from others, I would like to help the people of Iraq have hope for their future.”

Ricky knows the difficulties of growing up in a post-war environment first-hand, and it’s that understanding that compels him toward compassion. So on behalf of countless Iraqi children: thanks, Ricky, and thanks to all the rest of you who are working toward this same “hopeful future” for Iraq that Ricky is. There is no Coalition without you.