Good Morning from Libya!

Hamam had a good night, and is recovering nicely after his heart surgery.

You know it’s going to be a good morning when you arrive at the hospital and find one of the patients has a new sister!

It’s also a good morning when there are good reports from the night shift in the intensive care unit. Little Hemam had a good night—he just keeps getting stronger. He’s in the step-down unit now, which is just one step away from being sent home.

Aia had a good night too, after her lifesaving heart surgery yesterday.

Aya had a good night too after her heart surgery yesterday. By the end of the day, she should have all these tubes figured out.

Rowabe get ready to go home from the hospital!

Rowabe had such a good night last night that she got to go home this morning! And she didn’t leave empty-handed…

Rowabe left hospital with her own little doctor's kit, a reminder of the amazing doctors who healed her heart.

She received a little doctor kit to remind her of her stay in hospital and the doctors and nurses who healed her heart.

Malak went home from hospital this morning too!

Dear Malak, she went home this morning too. She’s a bit of a celebrity on the floor, and a crowd formed in the hallway when so many of us gathering to say good-bye. There is no question that Malak stole our hearts this week!

As patients become well and are sent home, new children fill up the ward—more children to care for with hearts to heal!