Here’s to You!

This year has literally and figuratively rumbled with seismic shifts, and you’ve been right beside us through it all. From showing up for Syrians in the aftermath of February’s pummeling earthquakes to holding fast as we found our footing with Search for Common Ground, you’ve stayed true to the idea that peace is possible when we put people first.

Thank you for showing up in the hard places and doing the hard work. Thank you for championing human dignity above all else. Thank you for choosing to love anyway when othering seems easier. 

As violent conflict wears on and our world becomes increasingly polarized, we stand prepared for the work of peacebuilding. We are ready to meet 2024’s challenges with audacity and courage. 

Never has our work been so necessary.  Never has your continued support been so impactful. Thank you for standing with us. We can’t do this work without you.

Search for Common Ground + Preemptive Love = An Unprecedented Force for Peacebuilding.