Remedy Libya: 11 Posts You Don’t Want to Miss

It took a lot of silliness, but Ramadan finally cracked a smile!

“Mohammad The Hardest ‘Yes’ of Ramadan’s Life! For seven years, 14 year old Ramadan refused surgery to fix his heart. Until one day he said the hardest ‘yes’ of his life. His wait for surgery was scary. But in the end, Ramadan’s “Yes!” changed everything!

“Mohammad's One Life Saved, One Newly Arrived—One Happy Mom! No one on staff had any idea Momhammad’s mom was checking into the maternity ward when she stepped away from his bedside one night.

“Rowabe Good Morning from Libya! We arrived at the hospital to find so much action—children recovering from surgery, some waiting to be discharged, and a whole lot of relieved families!

“Little Esam Finally Gets His Surgery! When we met Esam, he seemed the perfect candidate for heart surgery—except for a chest infection. But a lot of details came together to make his heart surgery happen!

“Baby Update on Malak: Everything is Normal! For the children we serve, there is no better news we can hear than “Everything is normal!” We were thrilled to hear this of Malak, who stole our hearts.

“A The Upside of Down: Serving Kids with Down Syndrome. Heart surgery isn’t easily accessible to children in the developing world. It can be even harder for kids with Down Syndrome—their lives aren’t always deemed worthy. But kids with Down Syndrome matter to their parents, they matter to us, and they matter to you!

“Young Hamam Escapes Death—Twice! Hamam escaped the violence of his home town to make it to the hospital. And if not for the beeping monitors all around, it would be easy to miss that heart surgery allowed him to escape death twice.

“Rahma Honouring Rahma. It isn’t easy to talk about the loss of a child. But it’s important. We introduce you to a beautiful girl, and the short time we spent with her and her mother.

“Norea's How Norea’s Mom Mothered Us All. Norea’s mom spent countless hours at her daughter’s bedside while she recovered from heart surgery. But she made time for so many other wonderful things.

“Eastern Saving Lives in Libya—No Boys’ Club. They are passionate, dedicated, compassionate, skilled, curious…and eastern Libya’s pediatric heart doctors also happen to be women.

“Walla's What Does the Love of a Libyan Father Look Like? The fathers we meet make incredible sacrifices to find someone who can heal their child’s hearts—they never give up hope.