Maker Monday: Lovishly Loves Lavishly and Gives Extravagantly

 “Lovishly believes that together we can make a difference in the world.” For Sherry Lopez, the woman behind jewelry company Lovishly, this isn’t a corporate slogan, but a way of life.

Sherry and her husband are raising 10 children, 6 of whom are adopted. She is making a real difference in the world every time she rolls out of bed in the morning. But Sherry somehow still carves out time to create beautiful jewelry with a purpose.

“Lovishly believes each of us have the power to tell stories that change lives through fashion. When you wear our necklaces, our hope is that you will feel empowered to share the story it holds.”

With Preemptive Love Coalition in mind, Sherry designed a special 2-sided statement necklace—one side reads “no fear in love” in English, and on the reverse, the word “love” in Arabic.

The necklaces are rich in appearance and meaning. We are told so often that we have nothing in common with Arabic speakers. We are trained by our televisions and computer screens to be suspicions when we see Arabic text.

The truth is, we have love in common. And that love can put us as close together as the two sides of a necklace.

“We hope that when you wear this necklace you will choose to love, rather than fear.”

Sometimes we wear items to remind ourselves of who we really are. We wear wedding rings to remind ourselves that we are people who love and commit deeply. We wear a particular shirt to job interviews because—to us—it speaks more than our resume. We might wear our grandfather’s sweater to remind ourselves of where it is we come from.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are people who change the world. We are people who lean in. We are people who choose love over fear.

You can make a statement and change the world. Visit Lovishly’s website.