Meet The People Who Made Remedy Mission X In Fallujah Possible!

A photo of medical supplies laying on an operating table.

Remedy Mission X in Fallujah is over, but the exhaustion of it all doesn’t compare to the overwhelming joy I feel right now.

Given Fallujah’s history and our team’s desire to bless and serve the city, we’re humbled by what just happened. Think about it: 7 lifesaving operations, performed by an American team (6 of which were women), in one of the most war-torn, challenging cities in Iraq. And not only did they invite us back for 4 more trips in 2013, but we were also invited to work in a new city!

This kind of work just isn’t possible without an entire coalition of people, so, if you’ll allow us a moment, I’d like to point out those responsible for this historic Remedy Mission:

I’ll start with you. We make it a priority to remind you of your role in all of this because some people—not you!—are prone to forget what they’re capable of. Seriously, though, this work doesn’t happen without a continued grass-roots effort. People like you gave up their birthdays, gave monthly, and held fundraisers to make sure kids in Fallujah got the operations they need to live healthy, happy lives. You are essential.

This also couldn’t have happened without the talented local doctors at Fallujah General Hospital, who went above-and-beyond to make us feel comfortable and safe, and the incomparable Nahoko Takato and her Japanese partners, who gave $14,000 toward making this mission happen. Our partner organizations were also essentialLiving Light International, our cultural compass; and Dr. Kirk Milhoan and his medical team of For Hearts And Souls volunteers.

All of these groups work tirelessly to make sure Iraqi children get their shot at a healthy heart, and we’re honored to work alongside them!


A photo of a little girl in Fallujah General Hospital playing with bubbles before her heart operation.

The work in Fallujah is finished for now, but our year-long Remedy Fellowship program starts a week from today!

Our partner doctors are foregoing frequent flyer miles and, instead of constant travel back-and-forth, are moving here! Dr. William Novick and his team of International Children’s Heart Foundation volunteers are coming to live in southern Iraq for a year!

In preparation for our upcoming year of training and life-saving, we’re raising money for medical supplies, one of which is listed below. Please consider funding sutures, and our doctors will use them to mend hearts!

An image of a needle and thread stitching a heart. Our 85 suture kits are FULLY funded — Thank you for helping fund $765 worth of medical supplies! 

Our Partners:
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