Ridha Slowly Gains Momentum In the ICU

Heart defects don’t go without a fight—especially Ridha’s heart defects.

Each child we operate on has a ranking of how difficult their operation and recovery will be. It’s a way for us to discern the risk of an operation before we move forward. Each Remedy Mission has a combination of low-risk and high-risk operations.

The low-risk operations are better for teaching and long-term development, and the high-risk operations happen because that child may die at any moment. If we were not in the hospital, those high-risk children have no hope for getting the lifesaving surgery they need. So each mission we make room for those cases, for the underdogs.

Ridha’s operation carried the highest level of risk there is to have. He is the definition of an underdog—that’s why we’re fighting for him.

The good news is that Ridha’s recovery is slowly gaining momentum in the ICU. The victories are small but significant. He will be sick for a while. But with each new day the victories are adding up.

Ridha may have a long road ahead of him, and that’s why I want to rally you around him. He needs our support. So we are going to keep giving it to him, as long as he needs it.

Thanks for sticking with us. Children like Ridha give hope to all the other underdogs we meet on these Remedy Missions, and people like you make this hope possible.