This Heart Surgery Kid Makes the Party Happen

There are some folks who enjoy being invited to a party.

Then there are the folks who make the party happen. Meet Mohammad. He’s the unofficial social convener on the ward.

Mohammad was born to organize people! During the mornings, when new children come to the ward to wait for surgery, Mohammad positions himself near the door so he can best assess potential playmates.

He spends the rest of the day visiting each room to see what’s going on, rounding up kids to play, sprinting to answer his mother’s bright pink cell phone each time it rings, or crushing his favorite lunch—egg sandwiches.

Mohammad was less sure of himself once he got to the operating room. His mom wasn’t there, and neither were his new friends. Thankfully, there was just a short time to be nervous, before anesthesia took over. The next time Mohammad opened his eyes, he was in the ICU, reunited with a bunch of his young friends.

In the ward and surrounded by people, it took Mohammad no time at all to get everyone on board with his program. It’s hard to tell if he’ll grow up to be a coach, a corporate manager, or simply a guy with a huge social network.

But one thing is clear: without surgery, without you, the world would never know what Mohammad could become.

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