Spreading Holiday Hope by Putting Children First in Juarez

When you were a kid, do you remember that special feeling you had when someone paid you a bit of attention just because? You might have stood a little taller or smiled a bit broader because you felt seen. Thanks to our community of peacebuilders, we’re making 300 kids and teens in vulnerable Juarez communities feel holiday magic with gift bags from el Polo Norte this season. 

You’ve been showing up in Juarez for a while, supporting displaced people in shelters and vulnerable kids in the local community alike. Whether you’re putting people first by bringing food relief to migrants or back-to-school backpacks full of much-needed supplies to local kids and teens in Juarez, you embody the spirit of giving year-round.

Christmas time in Mexico brings a sense of hope for the future. Kids look forward to visits from Santa and the Three Kings, but not all parents in Juarez can afford to bring their children gifts, candy, or toys. Inflation has risen this year, making the ability to afford basic necessities difficult, especially on an average minimum wage of just $18 per day. 

The communities where you’ve been showing up often lack access to public services, experience high levels of poverty and violence, and receive minimum support from local authorities and the government. Not all the streets are paved. In these circumstances, one small action such as bringing a colorful, reusable gift bag filled with plush, stuffed toys, coloring books, crayons, molding dough (similar to Play-Doh), candy, and a reusable water bottle makes all the difference. These bags give kids some hope because they feel seen. Your generosity generates a feeling of well-being within the community, promotes positive social norms, and builds the trust necessary for peace to flourish.

As we continue working with community leaders to put people first, we are thankful for our community of peacebuilders–our donors, our partners, our program officers, and our supporters–who embody the giving spirit of the holiday season. Your generosity creates a bit of magic for vulnerable communities in Juarez and for us, too. We couldn’t do this work without your support. Thank you for showing up in the hard places and loving anyway. 

Put People First