Children are Starving in West Mosul—So You’re Sending In the Trucks

More and more reports of starvation in Mosul are surfacing each week. People inside the city have messaged us directly, describing the desperate situation and begging us to bring more food to west Mosul. ISIS becomes even more ruthless, every time they lose ground in their former Iraq capital, and it’s the civilian families who are being squeezed.

It’s hard to imagine, but we’ll ask you (and ourselves) to try anyway: imagine pulling clumps of grass out of your dried out lawn to eat. Selling off your car or wedding jewelry or best clothes for a pile of stale rice.

Imagine playing a sickening game of eenie meenie miney moe to decide which of your children won’t eat today.

When you show up in frontline conflict zones like Mosul, you free parents from having to forage grass or scrounge through garbage, or from having to choose which child gets to eat—and you are absolutely, unrelentingly showing up.

At this moment, our food delivery teams are loading up another wave of food deliveries that will serve people inside West Mosul for weeks, in neighborhoods suffering the most acute need. These are serious bags of food—each one big enough to feed a family for weeks. Sometimes they’re even too heavy for people to carry home without help!

People are starving. The trucks are on their way. And there is more to come.  

Stay tuned. 

Send emergency food supplies to starving people in west Mosul.

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