The Domino Effect in Kirkuk—Soran’s Story

Photo of displaced child
Hold on. Just…don’t move.

The dominoes are all lined up, ready to fall. You just have to tip the first one. Ready?


1. Kelli in Georgia donates $250 to help us serve displaced Iraqi families.

2. 100% of Kelli’s donation goes to our relief efforts.

3. Thanks to Kelli (and many others like her), we are immediately able to start responding to the crisis inside Kirkuk, a city with 100,000+ displaced people.

4. We meet Soran, a Kurdish man struggling to find work, and hire him to serve in Kirkuk.

5. We’re able to use Kelli’s donation to provide Soran with the resources needed to begin serving families.

6. For two months, Soran and his family give out food, clothing, heaters, and other emergency supplies in Kirkuk.

7. In the process, Soran’s life is changed; his family relationships thrive; and he has a new-found purpose and joy.

8. Hundreds of Arab families experience the kindness of a Kurdish family serving them—no strings attached.

This is where the dominoes become impossible to track as children receive thick coats, helping them survive freezing temperatures at night. An elderly couple, with no family members left to take care of them, receive a heater. Family members of ISIS militants receive care from their ‘enemies’, providing new perspective—and who knows how many of the people Kelli and Soran served went on to do amazing things for others!

Today, Kelli’s money is still impacting Iraq even beyond what she probably imagined. Even though she gave way back in August, the dominoes are still falling, families are still being served, and her impact continues. So what about you?

The dominoes are all lined up, ready to fall. You just have to tip the first one. Ready?


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Domino photo by Bro Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ.