You are Helping Mohammad Drive to a Secure Future

Mohammed is a man in motion. Displaced from home and on the move because of violence, Mohammed now has a mobile way to support his family because you provided an Empowerment small business grant.

Fallujah is unrecognizable from the city we knew in 2012, when we first brought lifesaving heart surgeries to the children of the region. We were sickened to see the hospital courtyard sprayed with debris after a bomb exploded right outside the main gate. Tribesmen protesting the actions of the federal government and ISIS members staking their claim to the city reduced Fallujah to a shadow of it’s former self.

Mohammed, his wife, and their seven children fled from that violence. They headed north, and sought refuge in the city of Samarra for nearly a year before the effects of ISIS drove them further north to Kirkuk, where they started over yet again. 

Generous neighbours in Kirkuk offered them a tiny slice of land and the money needed to build a 3-room house. That little house now holds their family of nine as well as other family members who fled the violence of ISIS. They are crowded, but they are safe.

Mohammad quickly found day work in Kirkuk, but age and bad health prevented him from earning a stable income while competing with younger, stronger men. 

This is where you entered Mohammad’s life. Your donations toward Empowerment small business grants allowed Mohammad to buy a 3-wheeled delivery cart. These popular vehicles are half motorcycle, half trailer bed, and totally amazing! They are easy and cheap to maintain and run, easily fit through tight traffic and bazaar alleyways, and give Mohammad the perfect means to transport goods and small livestock.

Mohammad delivers honest, reliable service, and has already built a steady clientele—enough to support his family!

You are helping Mohammad to maintain his dignity while he rebuilds his life. And in a way, you are continuing to support Fallujah, and the people who will one day rebuild that city.

Thank you!