Your Lifesaving Effort In Iraq Is Making Nat’l News!

It has been an event-packed past few weeks here in Iraq, and reporters have given the nation their full attention.

Thanks to your generosity and commitment over the years, Preemptive Love was prepared to offer alternative perspectives, to challenge simplistic stories, and to hold out hope for a more peaceful Iraq.

Read on to see some of these stories you’ve made possible…

HuffPo Live thumbnail

HuffPost Live

ISIS militants gather near another town north of Baghdad

“If you’re going to mark them for extermination, you might as well mark me too.”

Jeremy on Fox & Friends

FOX & Friends

How should we respond on behalf of oppressed people in Iraq.

“As a Christian, I want to see Christians up in arms about all the suffering peoples of Iraq”

A photo of Sinan

TIME Magazine

“My People May Soon Be Gone”

On the phone with Sinan and his suffering Yezidi friends on Mt. Sinjar.

Iraqi flag pic

Relevant Magazine

What you need to know about what’s happening in Iraq.

“I don’t think all these people are deeply indoctrinated in ways that cannot be rolled back.”

FOX News thumbnail pic

FOX News

American Christian living in Iraq discusses ISIS threat.

“Thousands of religious minorities in Iraq are fleeing their homes.”

CNN Interview thumbnail


Learning to love the ‘enemy’ in Iraq

“The world may watch from afar and denounce all Iraqi Muslims as militants bent on conquest. But up close, the reality is very different.”

Gretchen Carlson interview thumbnail

The Real Story w/ Gretchen Carlson

A discussion of life and work on the ground in Iraq

“Over the past 8 years of living there, they have become my people.”

What stories have you been reading about Iraq? Share a link in the comments section below!