Syria Crisis

Help Ghouta Families Survive

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Bombs are raining down on the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta. More than 1,000 civilians are dead. Families are hiding in basements and tunnels. Some have no choice but to walk for days, risking sniper fire and rockets from all sides.

They are running hurt, scared, dirty, and cold. We must meet them.

Over 1,000 Ghouta families have been forced to flee. Hundreds of thousands are still trapped inside—and they are running out of options.

Preemptive Love is the first to respond with emergency mobile medical care for displaced Ghouta families. We are continuing to respond, as close to the frontlines as possible—but we need your help.

Give today—and help displaced Ghouta families survive.

$16 provides hygiene kits for two families.
$35 provides medicine for 10 people.
$100 provides clothing for a family who escaped with nothing.
$225 provides emergency medical care for a day.

Additional donations beyond the cost of the emergency aid for Ghouta families will be used where needed most in Syria.