$5 can give a family clean water for a month.

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The majority of displaced families in Iraq don’t live in formal camps. Many lack access to safe water for drinking, cooking, and washing. We provide regular deliveries of water for families on the run, as well as those whose cities have been decimated by war.

$5 can give a displaced family clean water for a month.

Help ensure ongoing water deliveries for families on the run and those with no other source of clean water.

$50 can give 10 families clean water for a month.

Our trucks reach families in remote camps and on the frontlines of war, giving them a regular supply of water.

$350 can provide deliveries of clean water for an entire displacement camp.

You can ensure entire communities have the water they need for drinking, cooking, and washing.

$1,200 can help repair water supplies in neighborhoods destroyed by ISIS.

ISIS and the battle to defeat them have taken their toll on water systems in cities like Mosul. You can reverse the damage.