Help families in Iraq return home

First, ISIS takes your home. Then 2020 takes your tent.

Thousands who fled war in Iraq are being sent back to violence and squalor. 

Their camps are being dismantled. There are no jobs back home. Nowhere to get food. For some, no shelter left standing.

We need your help to put emergency food on the table. To rebuild their homes. To create jobs that will bring their communities back to life. 

$50 feeds a family of four. Give to provide food, shelter, and jobs now for those returning home. Your monthly gift will keep showing up until home feels safe again.

The need

Nearly 300,000 Iraqis are living in camps inside their own country. Most fled when ISIS attacked more than five years ago. Now the camps are closing, and families are being sent home. But it’s not the end of a crisis. It’s the start of a new one.

Most families are afraid to go home. Many can’t go back, because their homes are destroyed. Or because their communities are still threatened by violence. Or because there’s no work. Nowhere to buy food. Or maybe because someone else is living in their home now.

The situation is so dire that some families are taking their tents with them from the camps. Some have said they’d rather die than go back. The seeds of the next conflict are being sown right now. But we can do something about it.

We promised these families we would stand with them for as long as it takes. We promised we’d be last to leave. This Giving Tuesday, we’re keeping that promise. 

Our response

We’re working with local leaders in several communities to meet the urgent needs of those coming home. We’ll provide food to fill their pantries. We’ll create jobs so they can dig in and rebuild their communities—one new business at a time. 

Our friends face an uncertain journey home. But they don’t have to face it alone. Join us.