I want to give to farmers in Syria.


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This Giving Tuesday, dig in to help one Syrian family dig out from war.

Donate today to support these farmers. We aren’t asking you to just give once, but to dig in for a year. If you give sign up to become a new monthly donor, your gift will be matched—up to $65,000—every month for a year!

We’re launching a yearlong effort to help Syrian families in two of the most war-torn parts of Syria—Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor—throw off the chains of displacement and remake home.

We’re digging in, and we need you to dig in with us. Help one family return to their farmland and provide for themselves again.

$35 can provide enough seeds for five families to replant their farms, long abandoned by war, and start rebuilding their lives.

You can provide seeds, tools, and fertilizer for one family, so they can start growing and selling food. They will farm in co-ops, working together and supporting each other. And they’re bringing their own expertise, deciding how to irrigate their fields and how to rotate crops for the season. Because the families we serve—they know best what they need to thrive.

$120 can provide the starter kit for a mushroom farmer in Aleppo, helping her sell her mushrooms and support her family.

For one family, mushrooms can become a brand new source of income. They are cheap to grow and don’t require any land, making them a good fit for families living where the earth is still strewn with mines. The mushrooms they sell will provide income for the whole family.

$300 can provide two pregnant sheep (with the possibility of two more), providing milk and income for a whole family.

You can provide one family in Deir ez-Zor with sheep, along with vaccinations and animal feed. The sheep are already pregnant, allowing them to quickly grow their flocks—and dramatically increase their earning potential. Each co-op of families will also receive a ram.