I want to give to help families fleeing Idlib, Syria.


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Rush Help to Idlib Families

Syria’s last opposition-held province is on the brink of all-out war. More than 200,000 have already fled. We are meeting them with emergency food to help them survive.

We’re launching an emergency kitchen for those on the run. We’re mobilizing to provide fast, urgent medical care as the situation escalates.

But we need you to go with us. Help for these families has dried up. They have no one to stand with them… except you.

Please give today—and show up for families fleeing Syria’s war.

What you need to know
  • Idlib is Syria’s last opposition-held province.
  • The population grew 3x as families from other war-torn regions were forcibly displaced to Idlib.
  • 3 million people are now trapped in Idlib.
  • Full-scale war could trigger Syria’s biggest crisis yet.
  • Despite a ceasefire, Idlib has been under steady bombardment, while opposition groups inside Idlib have been shelling other parts of Syria.
  • 200,000 people have already fled the bombings.
  • Hundreds are believed to have died in recent weeks.
  • We’re launching an emergency kitchen, like the ones we’ve operated near Aleppo and eastern Ghouta, to feed thousands of fleeing families.
  • We’re preparing a mobile hospital to provide urgent medical care for Idlib families, if the situation escalates.
  • We’re continuing our long-term work in Syria to help families recover from war—and prevent the next one from happening. We’re repairing bombed-out homes, bringing farms back to life, and creating hundreds of jobs.

The best way to stand with families is to give monthly, so we know exactly what we can commit to their most urgent needs—not just today, but the next month, and the next one after that.